LOBG Marketing Packages - Life of Becca G Social Media Management

LOBG Marketing Packages

I get it, running your social media accounts can be exhausting. You thought it would be easy. Hell, posting to your personal page takes 2 seconds whenever you take a bomb picture. But posting to your business’s social? That’s a whole other monster. There are metrics, scheduling, photos, graphics, comments, messages, etc. It can get overwhelming. Fast. Lucky for you, I have 8+ years of expertise on the subject of social media management. And I’m here to be your social media guru!

That’s where I come in. I’m here to take that weight off your shoulders. I realize you have much bigger things to take care of. For starters, you’re trying to run your business. I’m here to help you bring in new customers, make more money and have a better social presence. Below you will find my three different packages and add-ons that I offer.

LOBG – A Little Social

  • Two profiles
  • Up to 10 posts per week
  • One monthly report
  • Comments/reviews responses
  • One monthly meeting

LOBG – I’m Pretty Social

  • Four profiles
  • Up to 20 posts per week
  • One monthly report
  • Two monthly meetings
  • Comments/reviews/messages responses

LOBG – I’m a Social Butterfly

  • Six profiles
  • Up to 30 posts per week
  • One monthly report
  • Two+ monthly meetings
  • A strategy session
  • Comments/reviews/messages responses
  • I will come to your business to snap photos (on my iPhone) to have content for stories

LOBG – One Social Thing – Add Ons

  • One-time strategy creation
  • An audit of your social profile(s)
  • Social engagement and management
  • Ad campaigns creation, publication, and management
  • One time social event, such as a social media contest or promoting a Facebook event
  • Live-Tweeting an event
  • IG Story help
  • IG Story campaign

Do you see a package you want? Or do you want to put bits and pieces together to create your own package? Orrrrr do you want just a single service from One Social Thing? Just send me a message and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours on pricing and how we can make this DREAM TEAM a reality!