All About Becca G - Life of Becca G

All About Becca G

Well hello there! I assume you’ve come here to learn all about me, Becca G.

It’s me, hi, I’m the one behind this here little piece of the internet, it’s me. I started this blog to learn more self-love, but since then it has just turned into a little space for me to write down all of my thoughts/things I’ve been up to recently. Shocker, I didn’t stick to a theme or a niche.

If you’re new to my life, then you probably don’t know that this is my third blog. If you’re not new, then thanks for putting up with my continuous quitting at things.

I am a social media strategist at a marketing agency in the grand ol’ city of STL. Which means most of my life is spent on the internet. When I’m not working, I enjoy hanging out with Annie (my dog) and Stanley (my cat), going on walks/hikes, watching scary movies, talking about Taylor Swift, throwing parties, or playing video games.

This blog is where I’ll share my life with everyone. And by everyone, I mean the two people who read it. It’s fine, I’m fine, we’re all fine. Here you’ll discover all of the random thoughts that go through my head. You. Are. Welcome.

So hello, grab some donuts, and follow along!