All About Becca G - Life of Becca G

All About Becca G

Becca G sitting on a big 100 sign at Candytopia in a grey shirt and black jeans

Well hello there! I assume you’ve come here to learn all about Becca G.

That’s me, obviously, and I’m the one behind this here little piece of the internet. I’m here to learn how to love myself, and hopefully help someone else learn to self-love in the process.
If you’re new to my life, then you probably don’t know that this is my third blog. If you’re not new, then thanks for putting up with my continuous quitting at things.

I am a social media manager at a marketing agency in the grand ol’ city of STL. Which means most of my life is lived on the internet. It’s fine with me, though some people don’t really understand it. When I’m not working I enjoy traveling, going on hikes with my dog Annie, and eating. I love eating. I also enjoy going to the gym occassionally and binge watching anything and everything, especially scary movies.

This blog is where I’ll share my life with everyone, including the newest addition to my family, a pup named Annie (who has her own Instagram by the way), my fitness accomplishments and fails, my struggles, and hopefully a whole lotta happiness, too.

So welcome, grab some donuts, and follow along!