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An Update On My Keto Diet

Or should I say non-existent Keto Diet ?. Listen, I made no promises on continuing it. Nor did I make any promises on making another post to update you in the first week. I said I would TRY but we all know what happens when I say that.
So, what happened? I did it for a week. I went to a trivia night where I wasn’t allowed to eat the fun trivia snacks and had to settle for keto-friendly snacks. Which would have been fine had I not been told I COULD NOT eat the other snacks. Like, if the keto-friendly snacks had been the only things that had been brought to trivia, I would have been totally fine eating them. It’s the fact that there was bread and cupcakes I couldn’t eat.
ANYWAY, I lasted a week. Even through the trivia nightmare. But that was it. The whole reason I started the Keto Diet was to fit in to the bridesmaids dress I have to wear on July 7th so when I tried it on after only a week on Keto and it fit like a glove, I thought hell, I don’t have to stay super strict to this stupid non-donut diet. And I haven’t. I HAVE, however, tried to stick to a less processed more whole foods diet. Because if I learned anything in that short week on Keto, it’s that I don’t need that processed shiz. I wasn’t craving it as much as I did before that week. Like, it’s crazy what your body can do in such a short amount of time.
So, since I stopped the Keto diet I’ve been focused on just eating more whole foods. It helps that I have a place close to me called Clean Eatz where I get most of my lunches for work. And at work, which was the source of the biggest problem because there’s a vending machine right outside my door, I’ve been doing so much better. I’ve only gone to the vending machine twice in the span of a little over a month. And that’s freakin’ amazing for me. I was going twice a DAY before that.
I’m still doing IF, Intermittent Fasting, and it works. I drink lots of lemon strawberry water in the mornings. And sometimes a white Monster. Don’t @ me about it. And that holds me over until I eat lunch around 1/1:30pm.
Overall, I still fit into the dress, I don’t crave junk food AS MUCH, and I feel better. I could lose more weight and go back on the Keto Diet but listen, I’m tryin to be body positive here and love myself for the donut eatin’ machine I am.
And, if you’re on the Keto and have stuck to it, props to you my friend, props to you!
Keto Diet Update 2

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