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Goals for October!

Well, hello. It’s been a minute. But that’s how it goes around here. Ya never know when I’m gonna pop up. It’s super fun for me who just wants to post good content for everyone but can never think of anything to write about. ?
SO instead I’m going to give you another list of goals. We’ll see how well I do since I failed kinda miserably at the last one. But hey, I learned that C’s and sometimes D’s get degrees so that’s where we’re at right now.
It’s October and it’s the best month of the year and we should all just be grateful we’ve made it this far. However, there are a FEW things I do want to accomplish this month. We shall see if writing them down on here and posting it keeps me accountable or not. I don’t even know if I’ll get back on to update you on whether or not I did any of it. Again, D’s get degrees friends.

  1. Do something with Annie every weekend. This is going to be a fun one and since I have something planned almost every weekend already (thank you Facebook and people having dog events all of October) I think this will be a pretty easy one to achieve.
  2. Actually doooo HIIT workouts. I started a 12-week program a few months ago and I did really freaking well at getting in all the weight lifting sessions. LIKE REALLY WELL HERE IS MY PAT ON THE BACK FOR MYSELF THANK YOU. But there was a HIIT workout scheduled in on every one of those 12 weeks and I did not one of them. So I’m going to restart these 12 weeks and really try really hard to do them.
  3. Try to be more positive. Lately, I’ve been in one of my funks and I’ve just been looking at the world and everything happening around me in a negative way. I need to stop that because it’s not good for me. Or those around me.
  4. Eat a little better. I’m not going to come on here and tell you a goal of mine is to eat like a freaking nutritionist or something because we all know that ain’t happening. However, I could stop going to the vending machine orrrr drinking PSL’s orrrr eating so many chips. But we’ll see. Because I would rather be happy and thiccc than sad and skinny :).
  5. Write a blog post a week. I tried the two blog posts a week. Even made a schedule. And scheduled it out on my calendar. And for the past two months I’ve just been moving those posts down the calendar because they never get written. Or posted. Wow, I’m so cool.
  6. Start a little morning routine. Living at my parents makes it really hard to do anything in the morning because I don’t want to wake them up by getting up early. Also, I don’t want to get up early. Who am I trying to fool?
  7. DO ALL THE HALLOWEEN STUFF I CAN — that one explains itself

That’s all. Because if I try to set any more it’s going to become overwhelming and not one thing will get done. Thanks for reading friends.
What are some of your goals for October?
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