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Instagram Story Ideas and tips

We’ve all been there. We just took that incredible picture and we want to upload it to Instagram stories NOW. But there’s a problem. We want to take it up a notch. Trust me, I’ve been there. Like every single day. That’s where Pinterest (or this blog post) comes in. There are SO many different Instagram story ideas and tips on there. Literally all you have to do is type it into the search bar and thousands come up.

Or go to TikTok. People post their story ideas on there, too. The world is your oyster for ideas. What you do with those ideas is up to you. Do you copy completely? Or do you make it your own? Sometimes I copy, sometimes I make it my own. Sometimes I upload a picture with just a filter and a geo-tag and call it a day. It really just depends on my mood.

I’ve collected/added my own Instagram story ideas and tips in this post for you. Maybe you can reference it when you need a little inspiration. There are also a few tips you can do with your stories that are simple but take them up a level.

  1. If you hold down on one of the colors, it will bring up an entire rainbow of colors you can select.
  2. If you select your entire text, then hold down the end of the text with one finger and a color with another, you can create a gradient type of text.
  3. Copy and paste a photo from your camera roll onto your story by clicking “copy photo” in your camera roll and then clicking “paste” when you bring up the text option in Instagram stories.
  4. Use StoryArt to add templates to your stories.
  5. Type an emoji into the search bar in Instagram stories to bring up a bunch of different images related to that emoji.
  6. Create a solid background by selecting your color in the draw section, then tapping and holding down on the screen.
  7. Create decorative shapes by using a period or dash and enlarging them.
  8. Incorporate colors from your photo when using text or draw tools. Just use the eye dropper tool to select a color from your photo.
  9. Use different text to add a little decoration to your photo.
  10. Stack different (or the same to create a shadow) text on top of each other.
instagram story idea
instagram story ideas
instagram story ideas
instagram story ideas
instagram story ideas

And while I’m here. If you want to, you can follow me on Instagram @lifeofbeccag. K, thanks. Also if you use one of these ideas tag me because I would love to seeeeeeee!

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