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The Happy/Healthy Project

It’s time!! I’m so excited to announce my fun little adventure I’ve been working on!

The Happy/Healthy Project

So I’m sure you all have some questions for me. Like what is The Happy/Healthy Project? So, I’m going to answer them for you. And if you have any others, just let me know and I will answer in the comments below!
First, The Happy/Healthy Project is a fun little adventure I thought of on a drive home from work a little over a month ago. I was thinking about things that make me happy and how I can get that out to others who might be going through tough times. I was also really taken with a news segment on Demi Lovato and how she is having free group therapy before her concerts. The news anchor said something along the lines of Demi Lovato is trying to make taking care of your mental health as common as taking care of your physical health. And it really stuck with me. I was also trying to base it off the saying “it takes 21 days to form a habit”. Being able to keep yourself in check along with others will help tremendously when it comes to keeping a positive outlook on life!  So, trying to combine all the thoughts in my head, I came up with this “project”.

Is it free?

Hell yes it’s free! I think charging people for something like this would be insane. And make people sad, which is not the point.

Will workouts be included?

So, I thought about coming up with workouts for this but, I am no professional. I also believe that everyone has a different style of working out. I truly believe that exercise is a vital element to being healthy both mentally and physically, I just don’t think everyone should have to exercise the same way. For some, walking or running on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes might make them happy. For others, like me, weight lifting might make them happy. I think that if you’re exercising, no matter how, it counts. So no, I did not come up with a workout plan.

How will we stay in check?

I have come up with a Facebook page. (It will be a private page so only the people who are participating in the project can see what is being posted. The only way to join is if I accept it and you answer the three questions correctly 🙂 )
But, within that page, we will keep ourselves in check with everything! I will be posting every single day during the month of March at 8pm CST with a checkin post. This post will include a motivational quote/picture that you can use for whatever you want, a tip to staying positive, and a healthy recipe. It will also prompt you to comment on that specific post what you were grateful for that day and what your favorite part of your workout was. Did you hit a new time, a new PR on a weight, or was your favorite part just not sitting on the couch? Whatever your favorite part was, I want to hear it!

Do I have to workout every day?

Lol, no! I don’t even workout every day. I think we should all be exercising at least 4-5 times a week but I’m gonna be 100% with you and tell you that I don’t do that. I don’t expect anyone to be exercising every day. I mean, if you want to then by all means go ahead! Just make sure you’re listening to your body and giving it rest and time to recover, too :). I just feel, again, that exercising is very important to our overall being so that’s why it’s part of this project.

Can I post my own motivational things, questions, etc. on the page?

Yes, of course! I made the page so that anyone can post on it! However, I will be monitoring the posts and comments and if anyone becomes a bully they will be gone. I won’t tolerate hate and bullies in this group. This group is supposed to be a fun place for people who need it. Not a place to bring others down. But if you’re wanting to tell us how you stay happy or if you have a question you want answered by the group, then post away my friend!

How long will the project last?

It will last the entire month of March 🙂

Will there be a winner of any kind?

No. So, I am a firm believer in there is always a winner and a loser. However, I’m about to go all cliche on you and say for this instance, we will all win if we stick with it!

Are you qualified to do any of this?

I am not a personal trainer nor am I a professional counselor. This group isn’t about giving therapy sessions to people or telling them how to workout. It’s about having a place to keep yourself in check with workouts and a place to come and find some happiness in this crazy world of ours.

When can I be added to the FB Group?

I will start adding people on Monday, February 26th! If you want to be added make sure you leave a comment below or shoot me a message on FB so I can get you in!!
I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! You guys have no idea 🙂 So if you’re as excited as I am, let me know so I can get you added!! And don’t forget, if you have any other questions just let me know in the comments below!

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