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It’s Charity Day. So I thought I would talk about a few that are near and dear to my heart…and that I actually donate to. I also thought I would give a few points as to why YOU should donate, volunteer, help out, do your part, etc.

  1. There is probably a charity that holds a purpose that is near to your heart or a charity that has helped you or someone you love directly.
  2. Before you donate or volunteer your time, make sure you’re researching the organization to make sure their description, mission, and goals align with what you believe in.
  3. In doing your research, you should be able to figure out how much of your donation is ACTUALLY going to what you think it is.
  4. If you want your donation to be tax-exempt, make sure it’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
  5. Donating your money and/or your time is just a plain nice thing to do. And we should all be doing more nice things. Because frankly, this world sucks.
  6. You’re helping others who need it.
  7. It can be more impactful than ever with the world we live in. Again, this world sucks right now.
  8. You should be encouraging others to do it. Try to get some co-workers together to go out and volunteer one Saturday. Or grab a group of friends and pool some money together OR go volunteer your time. OR BETTER YET, go on a date to a local shelter and walk some dogs. HOW CUTE IS THAT DATE IDEA YOU ARE WELCOME.
  9. It brings more meaning to your life.
  10. Have no other way to help? That’s where donating comes in. I can’t adopt every single dog on this planet even though I really really reallyyyyyy want to. So instead, I donate to a few different shelters.

Now you’re probably wondering which ones I like to help out. Welp, I’m glad you asked because I was gonna tell you anyway.

  1. The A.R.K. – They are the reason Annie is a part of my life. So like, basically, they’re the best.
  2. Stray Rescue. They just do so much good for the strays of STL. And STL has A LOT of strays.
  3. Alzheimer’s Association. My family has been affected by this disease more than I would wish on anyone. Every year, we walk to bring awareness and raise money for this cause. If you want to donate to our team, go here! Every little bit counts!

Do you have any charities you donate time or money to? What are they? Drop them in the comments below! Maybe we’ll all find a new one to give back to!

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