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It’s Love Your Pet Day

Let’s be honest, if you have a pet you probably spoil it every day. And if you have a pet and don’t spoil it every day, get rid of it. Because pets deserve to be loved on and spoiled every single day. They are here for a very short amount of time and their lives are so very important. People who have pets but treat them shitty should NOT own pets. ANYWAY, that’s not what we’re here for today. Today we are here for those people who DO love their pet. Because it’s Love Your Pet Day. Again, this is every day in my house. But today we’re going to celebrate it even more. By taking you on a trip through a day in the life of me and Annie G. She has an Instagram that you should follow.

Annie and I usually spend our days (okay, our weekend days because I work) by waking up between 8-9am and laying in bed for awhile. Then we get up and eat breakfast, with Stevie the cat. After breakfast I get ready for the day while Annie and Stevie hang out. Once ready for the day, we hop in the car to run errands, grab our Starbucks lattes/pup cups, and go hiking/running around at the dog park, whatever we feel like doing at the time. Then it’s back home for some Netflix, Stevie snuggles, and popcorn. And then it’s time for bed. Not too exciting. Some days are more eventful than others. But any day spent with Annie is a great one in my mind!

Annie in bed - Love Your Pet Day
Annie and Stevie drinking water together - Love Your Pet Day
Annie eating her pup cup - Love Your Pet Day
Annie running errands - Love Your Pet Day
Hiking with Annie
Hiking with Annie
Annie and Stevie snuggling
Annie and Stevie begging for popcorn
Time for bed with Annie G!

How do you spend your days with your pets? Do you spoil them like crazy? Give them all the snuggles you have? Or all the pets in the world? Do you share all of your food with them? Let me know in the comments below how YOU make sure your pet feels loved! Happy Love Your Pet Day!

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