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My Must-Have Apps For Everything

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re using an app on your phone. Maybe it’s the Facebook app, or the Internet browser app, or even the WordPress app itself. But, more than likely it’s an app. That’s because apps literally rule our world. We can’t do anything on our phones without them now. Even texting or making phone calls. You still use the messages and phone app to do that.
Quite often I get asked what apps I use for my pictures I post on Instagram. So instead of just telling you about those apps, I thought I would tell you about ALL the apps I use on a daily basis. So, get ready, because this is gonna be a long one.

  1. AccuWeather – Prettyyyy self-explanatory. But I prefer this one over the regular weather app because when it’s raining or something you can spin a little wheel like thing to see how long it’s gonna last. It’s the little things, friends.

2. Buzzfeed – to cure my boredom, duh. And to take quizzes where I pick the toppings of my pizza and it tells me when I’m gonna get married or how many kids I’m going to have.
3. Groovebook – You add 100 pictures a month and for like $4 they send you the pictures in a little book that you can leave them in or tear them out and put them in frames. I’ve been doing it for years and I love it. Use GRANDIDIER10 for your first book free!
4. The Podcast App – Podcasts are currently my obsession. I should write a post on my favorite ones. Maybe someday.
5. Maps or Waze – I prefer Waze because it tells you where cops are, where stopped vehicles are, and how bad traffic is. But sometimes it also tells me I’m driving in the river or a field and can’t figure out how to get me back on track and if I don’t have a GPS to tell me where I’m going I WILL get lost. So I keep Maps on there as a backup.

6. Picture time!

  1. Afterlight – This is where I do all the basic edits like brightening, contrast, shadows, etc.
  2. A Color Story – This is where I add any filters or effects I need.
  3. StoryArt – This is how I make my IG stories not boring.
  4. Preview – This is where I track analytics for IG and get hashtags I need.
  5. iMovie – This is where I edit my videos.

7. Postmates – Went a little ham on this when I first started at my job. I’ve backed off a bit, but I still use it pretty regularly to have food delivered. Use code LVBSB to get $100 in delivery fee credits!
8. All Trails – This gives you maps of different trails you might be hiking! It also tells you how long the trail is, how difficult it is, and gives pictures that other people have taken of the trail.
9. WalkForADog – When you’re walking your dog, or walking without your dog, turn this app on and it will track on long you walk. Then, it will donate to a shelter of your choice for however long you walked! And it’s free for you! So like, just use it?
10. Shine – You get a daily pep talk, a daily check-in, daily motivation, and you can set personal goals on here. It’s really incredible for mental health.
11. Bible – This gives you daily verses, images for those verses, bible studies, and more.
12. Drink Water Reminder and Tracker – I’m typically pretty good at remembering to drink a lot of water throughout the day. But it’s also nice to get sent a reminder every hour and to track how much I’m actually drinking!
13. Obviously, all the social media apps you can think of. But I’m not going to put a picture/list all of those out because, well, no need.
Told ya that was going to be a long one. If you made it all the way through, you’re a trooper. Let me know in the comments below what apps YOU can’t live without!
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