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My Favorite Podcasts Right Now

Heyyyy hellooooo. How are ya? In today’s episode of “I can’t believe she’s blogging again” we have a list of my favorite podcasts.
Podcasts are up there in my favorite things to listen to when I’m driving, sitting at work, or walking on the treadmill (which isn’t often but whatever). So, I thought, if you love podcasts like I love podcasts, then you should know what I listen to. And give them a listen yourself!

  1. My Favorite Murder – Top favorite. Will always be my favorite. And not just because favorite is in the title. But these two ladies will have you laughing and gasping and saying “look, listen” or “sweet baby angel” in your regular vocab.

2. Call Her Daddy – Freaking hilarious. Kind of really very crude. But hilarious.
3. Armchair Expert – I love Dax. And I love celebrities. And I love hearing celebrities talking about themselves and what they do and what they love. So, thanks for this Dax.
4. Someone Knows Something – More true crime. More suspense. More drama.
5. Bear Brook – All about the Bear Brook murders. And literally kept me hooked the ENTIRE time.
Hopefully, you like true crime as much as I do. Happy listening!
What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments below so I can listen to some new stuff!

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