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All The Things I Did In October!

Wow, how is October already over? It’s my favorite month for many reasons (birthday, Halloween, PSL, fall, you get the picture) and I’m v sad it’s now over. I made a promise to myself that I would take Annie somewhere every single weekend in October because after that, the weather just goes downhill in IL and we won’t be able to do too much. SO, we did something every single weekend. I had so much going on in October so I think that’s why it flew by so fast. But, it was a great month (besides me turning old) and I’m excited to look back on it! For your viewing pleasure, even though you’ve probably already seen all of these pictures on FB, here is what I did in October.
You should be able to hover over/click on the picture to see what exactly was going on in it!

Did you do anything fun in October? Let me know in the comments below! ?
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