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How to Be Happy From Kids Under 10

Has it been a minuteeeee or what? 🙂 We all knew this was going to happen so don’t even act surprised that it did. Maybe I’ll write a post to catch ya up on what I’ve been doing for the last six months. Maybe I won’t. I don’t make promises on here anymore, ha!
But, one thing I did do in the last six months was sit down with some of my cousins to ask them advice on being happy.
All four of them are under the age of ten and while it took some rewording of the specific question, I think they gave some pretty solid advice.
So, in the words of an 8yo, 6yo, 5yo, and 4yo, here is what YOU should do to be happy.

  1. Play your Xbox
  2. Give hugs to people
  3. Work on your house
  4. Play with friends
  5. Say I love you
  6. Go to the zoo with your sisters (or anyone you love)
  7. Go to the store with your sisters (or, again, anyone you love)
  8. Give presents
  9. Go on a date night

And advice specifically geared towards me from my 8yo cousin, get a boyfriend.
The innocent mind of a child is a funny thing. Had I asked a bunch of adults what advice they would have for someone who wanted to be happy, they might say make more money or work harder at your job. But these kids came up with really simple responses. How easy would it be for us to offer more people a hug? Or tell someone you love them? That would make you AND that person significantly happier, and it’s such a simple gesture, really. So, what I’m saying is, take their advice. Go out and do something with someone you love. Give someone a hug. Tell that person you love them.
Or for me, go out and find a boyfriend. 🙂

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