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I Smelled Fall Candles So You Don’t Have To

Fall. The best time of the year. The time everyone looks forward to. Or, should look forward to. If you don’t, you’re an actual monster. With fall comes all of the incredible fall candles. Personally, I love Marshmallow Fireside from Bath and Body Works. I might be slightly more obsessed with fall candles than your average human being, but whatever.

In my obsession, I sometimes take it a little overboard. Hence, why I have 16 fall candles in my small home. Ten of those candles are new. I ordered five from Bath and Body Works and five from GooseCreek. I decided to smell them all to let you know which candles you should and should not buy. You’re welcome, I’m a nice person like that.

Let me start off by saying, I knew Bath and Body Works fall candles would be bomb. They always are. I never worry when buying from them because it always works out. I had never purchased candles from GooseCreek though, and unfortunately, I was very disappointed. Also, I should have read the descriptions for all candles on the websites before purchasing. Instead, I just went in blind and bought a ton of fall candles. That’s me. That’s my life. It’s fine, we’re all fine.

We’re going to start with GooseCreek because they were the most disappointing from the batch. GooseCreek candles are the same size as B&BW candles. They’re also the same price, but GooseCreek appears to run sales more often than B&BW.

goosecreek tranquil rainforest candle
This one had a slight smell of eucalyptus. It was a very faint smell, but it was there. It was like a clean, rainy day smell.
goosecreek coffee house candle
This one had the strongest smell. It was a coffee house smell with a faint smell of chocolate.
goosecreek marshmallow waffle cone candle
This one had a very faint smell of a waffle cone cooking.
goosecreek cozy kitten candle
This one had no smell.
goosecreek ciderhouse donut fall candle
This one had a very faint sugar donut smell.

Now on to the Bath and Body Works fall candles. My favorite fall candle smell from them is marshmallow fireside. Obviously, I ordered one of those. However, I had never smelled the other fall candles I ordered. Here’s how it went.

bath and body works haunted nights fall candle
This is the one I did not like. It smells like men’s cologne. I don’t like that smell for candles. But if you do, you’ll like this fall candle.
bath and body works vampire blood fall candle
This one smelled a little fruity. It was kind of weird for a fall candle. But it was fine. A little apple-like.
bath and body works marshmallow fireside fall candle
This is the GOAT. Marshmallows, fires, put together and you get a magic fall candle.
bath and body works pumpkin pecan waffles fall candle
You get a lot of pecan with this one. And slight pumpkin and waffles. It’s delicious.
bath and body works vanilla pumpkin marshmallow fall candle
Obviously, this one is also a winner. When you combine vanilla, pumpkin, and marshmallow, you get heaven. In my opinion, the strongest scent coming from this is marshmallow.

Well, there you have it. My review of ten fall candles. Once again, I recommend staying away from the GooseCreek candles unless a super subtle scent is more your thing. It is not mine. I would like to bathe in marshmallow fireside. That is all. Good night.

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