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Spread Smiles With Tacos

spread smiles with tacos in a basket

You know those “silly” holidays that everyone celebrates online? National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, National Plum Pudding Day, or National Cat Day (kidding, kind of). Well, today is not one of those silly days. Because today is World Smile Day AND National Taco Day. And I think we should all be celebrating both of them. Every day. For the rest of our lives. I really think we should spread smiles with tacos today, though, don’t you?

I also decided to come up with other ways to spread smiles. Cheaper ways. Because it takes a lot of tacos to make me smile. I mean, I guess one would make me smile. But to fill me UP with smiles would take hella tacos. Because your girl can eat. So I thought I would give you a list of things to do today that are cheap and simple but super effective when it comes to putting a smile on someone else’s face. Because we need more of those in the world. Tacos and smiles.

  1. Share YOUR smile with someone
  2. Give someone a compliment
  3. Send a thank you letter
  4. Call someone you care about to just see how they’re doing
  5. Express gratitude to someone for something they did for you
  6. Hide a surprising, kind note for someone you love to find later
  7. Be there for someone when they really need you
  8. Help someone out
  9. Pay it forward
  10. Give someone tacos

There are SO many other ways you can make someone smile today, too. I want to know what you do to make someone smile! This world has been super shitty lately and it needs more smiles in it, for real. It’s kind of ridiculous that we have gotten to the point of being more surprised when someone DOES smile and wave to us than when they don’t. It should be the other way around but the way the world works and how rude people are, it’s just not. So spread some kindness. Spread some cheer. Spread smiles with tacos. And let me know in the comments below how YOU plan on spreading smiles today.

spread smiles with tacos on a plate of tacos
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