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12 Facts About Life That Will Put You In A Good Mood

Once in awhile, we all need a pick-me-up. Something that restores our faith in humanity. Or something that just simply puts a smile on our face. That’s why I’m here for you, today. To put a freakin’ smile on your face. You’re very welcome.
Here are 12 facts about life that will put you in a good mood, I promise. And if they don’t, then go be salty somewhere else ✌️.

  1. There’s a cat version of the Corgi and it’s called the Munchkin Cat.
  2. It’s proven that the act of smiling improves your mood. So just put a smile on your face. My Grandma used to tell me that all the time. I barely listened, but I should have.
  3. Someone, somewhere, is having the best day of their life. Awwwww.
  4. Cuddling has actual health benefits.
  5. Goats have different accents.
  6. Dolphins have names for each other.
  7. Dogs noseprints are unique to them just like human’s fingerprints.
  8. Canada consumes the most donuts. Sooooo Ima be moving there shortly.
  9. Otto the Bulldog holds the record for Longest Human Tunnel Travelled Through by a Skateboarding Dog.
  10. Lazy people are more likely to be successful. So WATCH OUT WORLD HERE I COME. After my nap, of course.
  11. The Queen drinks champagne almost every day. YAS QUEEN.
  12. Whatever you’re upset about right now WILL PASS. I promise ?.

And that’s that. Hopefully, those put a smile on your face. Finding all of that out definitely put one on my face! What’s one random fact you know that will make other’s smile? Drop it in the comments below!

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