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My Goals For August

I feel like we always plan on making monthly goals for ourselves. And then we never follow through on them. No? Just me? Well, okay then. Good for freaking you :). But this month I decided I’m going to write these goals down. Here. For the public to see. And maybe, just MAYBE I’ll actually stick to them. But we all know how I am with setting goals and sticking to them, so we’ll see how this goes.
But I’m gonna tell them to you anyway. So here they are.

  1. Blog twice a week. lolz
  2. Schedule out all posts on Facebook
  3. Get ahead on blog posts. Like, write them in advanced. Not at the last second when I want them to go out, like this one. Starting out strong, fam.
  4. Continue with the workout plan I’m currently doing. It’s 5x a week, for 12 weeks. So far I’ve done weeks 1 and 2. And I’ve gone 4 out of the 5 days. Which is good for me considering the last few months I’ve gone about 3 times, total. But I would like to see myself go all 5 days every week.
  5. Do more things outside. I have REFUSED to let myself buy a PS4 for this exact reason. It’s summer. I need to be outside more. But I’m lazy. So hopefully this month I can pull myself off the couch and go out and do more.
  6. Get at least 7 hours of sleep. Yep, some people can run on like 4. But I’m not one of those magical unicorns. I need at least 7. And sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. But like also for health reasons, we should all be getting a good amount of sleep every night. And I’m a health professional, sooooo.
  7. Bring lunch to work 90% of the time. I’ve been getting better at this but I really need to do it more often than not. To save my stomach and my wallet.
  8. Walk Annie in the morning. I’ve done this twice since I started at my new job in April, ha, and it was so nice when I did it. I just need to start doing it more. It’ll help get me moving in the morning and help with her boredom during the day. Maybe she won’t chew things up as much….
  9. Try meditation. I’ve tried it. And I get bored. But I’ve heard it’s good for the soul. So I need to give it another go. Maybe just take a different approach than sitting in my bed staring at nothing.
  10. Start tracking my H2O intake. I drink a lot of water. Or I feel like I drink a lot of water. But I never know exactly HOW much water I’m drinking. And I would like to start tracking it so I have a better idea of whether or not I need to drink more, ya feel?
  11. Get more cardio in. I HATE CARDIO. There, I said it. But like, really, who loves cardio? Probs the crazy magical unicorns who also can function on 4 hours of sleep. But that’s not me. But I need to do more cardio but like #hearthealth and what not.
  12. Start Bullet Journaling. I bought a bullet journal. And cool pens. 2 months ago. And I made the index page and that’s it. So my goal this month is to make maybe two or three pages.
  13. Try to be more present. I have found myself on my phone more often than I should be lately. Andddd I need to stop. Because it’s distracting and there’s nothing on my phone that’s more important than being in the moment. Whether I’m just hanging out with Annie, or with my friends and family. I need to PUT IT DOWN.
  14. Grow my Pinterest. I’ve done a fairly good job at this recently, but I’d like to do more because ya know, blog growth and all that jazz.

Those are mine. My goal was to have 15 goals but we all know how I am with goals. So we’ll see how this month goes. What are your goals for the month? LMK in the comments below! Have a great day!

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