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2018 Resolutions

I know, I know. We all love to hate, or hate to love, a new years resolution. No one wants one. Everyone makes one. And 75% of those people break them. I am one of those 75%. Every.Single.Year.
This year, however, the new year falls on a Monday. Now come on, what is more motivation for kicking your ass in gear, making a resolution that you will actually follow, and starting it on the new year. It’s not like it starts on a Wednesday or Thursday when you’re already over the week and starting something sounds terrible. It’s a freaking MONDAY. The first day of a new year falls on a Monday. If that’s not reason to make one of those stupid resolutions and stick with it, I don’t know what is.
So, I will be starting another resolution. And I hope to actually keep this one. I just looked back on past New Years Resolutions that I made on old blogs and lolol at the shit I thought I would accomplish. And lolol even more at how cliche the shit I wanted to accomplish was. Although, now that I think about it, the shit I want to accomplish in 2018 is probably pretty damn cliche, too. Whatever.
But, this is the year of accomplishing my goals. 2017 sucked so bad for me. Nothing was accomplished because I was too busy laying around feeling sorry for myself. I will NOT let that happen this year. This year I am going to actually fuel my body in order to look and feel better. I am going to do things that boost my mood and make me happy. I’m determined to not lay around and do nothing all day while the world passes me by. There’s too much out there to do and so much happiness to gain by doing those things. I really think if I eat right, workout, and just focus on being happy, that I will live my best life. So I guess my goals aren’t too awful. It’s really just about finding happiness and peace within myself. I need that. Especially after the terrible, shitty 2017 I had.
Thanks for reading friends.

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