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Summer Nails Trends

Embrace the season’s charm right at your fingertips with these top summer nail trends. This is the perfect time to let loose and play with vibrant hues, pastel shades, and fun designs. Opt for bold colors that capture the season’s energy or classic pastels for a cool, understated elegance. Add a playful touch with fruit-themed art or go minimalistic for a modern look. With glitter-filled nails, you can add sparkle to your summer days, or bring the beach to your fingertips with tropical designs. Let your summer nails be a reflection of your personal style and the joyous summer vibes.

Behind The Scenes of a Styled Shoot

Have you ever been a part of a styled shoot? If not, you should be. Everyone should partake in a styled shoot. It’s so incredible seeing all of these creative minds come together to make something magical. I’ve been a part of two now and both times have been so fun. They have both been […]

Why I Decided to Stop Caring What People Think of Me

Listen, it’s like human nature to worry about what people think of you. You’re always wondering if someone is judging you based off what you’re wearing, or how you look, or your personality, etc. It’s just a thing everyone is concerned about. I was TERRIBLE when it came to worrying about other’s opinions on me. […]

Tips to Become a Morning Person, From Someone Who HATES Mornings

For real though, why do mornings exist? Why are they a thing? Why can’t work start at like noon? Hell, I would even settle for 10am. Maybe. But waking up early has never been my thing. Ever. Waking up after noon, now that’s my thing. I know, I know, I’m an adult and should act […]

Finding Balance In Your Life

Having balance in your life is an important thing. There’s work/personal life balance, school/social life balance, work/school balance, etc. But right now I’m talking about the healthy lifestyle balance. The hardest one (I think) to keep up. Having a healthy life isn’t about 50/50 balance, even though I freaking wish it was. It’s more like […]