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Happy Friday the 13th!

Wow, how convenient that it’s finally fall (okay, almost) and Friday the 13th is here. I took a poll on my IG last month asking people what their favorite horror movie is. Because who doesn’t love a good scary movie marathon at this time of year. Okay, let’s be real, I have those like all […]

11 Things About Exercise You May Not Know

We’re all aware that exercising regularly is necessary when it comes to living life. We’re also aware that finding motivation, time, the drive, etc. to get to the gym or workout at home is sometimes hard to find. That’s when we need just a little bit of a push. Whether you like to lift weights, […]

10 Tips to Stay Motivated When It Comes to Working Out

We all know the feeling. The feeling of knowing we need to go to the gym but would rather stay at home in our pjs, watching Netflix and eating endless amounts of ice cream. No? Just me? If the feeling does apply to you, then I’m here to hopefully help you find that motivation you […]