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Finding Happiness

Happiness is a funny thing to many people, including myself. What does it really mean to be happy? You see people in movies or TV shows saying “oh I finally know what it’s like to be truly happy” but what do they really mean by that?
Lately, it’s been really hard for me to determine whether or not what I feel is happiness or just some sort of contentment with my life. I’m not saying that I am truly happy with every part of my life, actually far from it, but sometimes I do find myself in a moment where I think I feel nothing but happiness. And to be able to feel that all the time would be some sort of miracle. But people say it happens.
I’ve been trying to work on finding happiness more and more lately, especially in the little things and in every day life. Since I do have a few huge things weighing me down, finding happiness in the little things can sometimes be a challenge. But I’m up for it. I’m sure there are people out in this world who are like me. Struggling to find the good in things. Wishing they knew what true happiness is. I’m here to tell you that you can find it. And even finding it every once in awhile is better than never feeling it. So I wanted to make a list of the things I do to try and make sure I find a little bit of happiness each day.

I Play With My New Puppy

Okay, I know not everyone has a new puppy they can play with, but if you do then you know what I’m talking about. Watching them accomplish firsts, seeing them happy, watching them play or take a nap, can bring pure happiness. Puppies are some of the most innocent, pure creatures on this planet and they have nothing but love for their humans so obviously, that can bring happiness. If you don’t have a puppy maybe go to your local animal shelter and volunteer once in awhile. I cant imagine being around a bunch of puppies and dogs won’t bring you happiness.

I Sing And/Or Dance in the Shower

I found myself doing this today out of no where and feeling nothing but good. It’s sort of freeing to be able to let yourself lose and just sing and dance when no one is watching. There’s a saying “dance like nobody’s watching” and more people should do that. Just let your hair down and sing and dance your little heart out. It’ll relive some stress. Trust.

I Take In The Great Outdoors

That makes me sound like I’m some sort of extreme nature person who’s always outside doing stuff. Far from it. But, what I do like to do is step outside when it’s nice out and just close my eyes and be in the moment. Whether it’s in the middle of the day or at night when I’m surrounded by nothing but the stars, it’s a calming mechanism that I like to use.

I Go to the Gym

I’m sure you’ve probably heard this one before but going to the gym brings a lot of people happiness. I could write an entire post on this (and maybe I will) but working out releases endorphins that interact with receptors in your brain that can trigger a positive feeling in your body. So when you step out of the gym you’re on some sort of happy high because of the chemicals in your body. So like, obviously go to the gym if you want to feel happy for a bit.
So those are just a few things I like to do in order to make sure I’m at least feeling some happiness throughout the day. These things are not a cure all and won’t complete your life, or maybe they will, but they will definitely help. What is it you do to make sure you feel happiness? Let me know in the comments below!

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