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Good bye 2020

I don’t think I need to tell you how shitty 2020 was. So instead, I’m just going to recap on all the good that happened this year. Because even through the bad, there was still so, so much good!


January was spent with friends eating cheese and drinking wine, weekly yoga nights at the local theatre, and my baby sis saying YES to the dress!

In January we thought we were going to lose the rock of my mom’s side of the family. But, being the strong woman she’s always been, my Grandma pulled through and she is still with us today. But because we all thought she was leaving us, all 7 of her children got together. It was the biggest blessing because no one knew what would happen in just two short months. Part of me thinks my Grandma knew something was coming and just wanted to get all of her kids together one last time before the world went into lockdown.


February, the month of love, was spent sharing all the love for a few of my good friends. I got to watch one of my great friends marry the love of her life, someone I’ve watched her grow to love from the very beginning and someone I am so happy she met because it brought her into my life.

I also got to celebrate my other great friend and her baby girl. Watching her become a mom has been so incredible. I wish I could have been around more for the first year of her life but you know, 2020. I am so, so happy for her and her husband though. Watching your friends become parents has got to be one of the best parts of being an adult.


March was a month of lasts. The last day at the office, one of the last get-togethers with friends, and the last of the big family birthday parties. I am so grateful for those days. Although I am so in love with working from home, I can’t wait to be able to safely go to glow bingo or have big family birthday parties again!


April was the beginning of a lot of things! The beginning of the home workouts. Thankfully, my cousins had all of the plates, dumbbells, and a bar in their storage unit. Because let me tell you, finding even a 2lb weight in April was literally impossible. It was the beginning of the daily walks for Annie and I that have continued even into the cold, winter days. And it was the beginning of the whipped coffee obsession. I quickly learned that 2+ tablespoons of sugar wasn’t a good idea. But I learned to substitute with stevia and not use as much.


In May my youngest sister graduated college with her fiance. They didn’t get a legit ceremony until November but we did go to her college to celebrate with them!

I also discovered how to make my own smoothie bowls. I think I made a smoothie bowl every single day in May. I don’t know why I go overboard on everything, but I do.

We also celebrated Memorial Day with my parents and broke out the grill for the first time in a long time!


In June we went to the Ozark’s for my little sister’s bachelorette party. It was a nice little getaway to step away from reality for a few days. And we were able to celebrate her before she moved to Dallas to start her big girl life.

I also spent quite a bit of time in my parents new hammock because for some reason, Annie loved it. A lot.

I got my first ever fiddle leaf fig, and then I got another one. However, neither of them made it to the end of the year. But I tried.


July I got to go to my favorite place in this entire world. Colorado will always have my heart. And I am so, so thankful I got to go out there at least once this year. Crossing my fingers that 2021 has so many more trips out there. And one day I will move out there. I can promise you that.

I also made my first ever shark coochie board. And they have now become a staple in my life. Shoutout to Aldi for having the best charcuterie board selections. And on the cheap, too. 10/10 recommend.

I was also in another styled shoot for my incredibly talented friend, Coda’s Events. I wrote about it here. It’s always so fun to see the magic come together at those shoots!


In August a new coffee shop opened down the road from me and I discovered iced matcha lattes with lavender. Another addiction I picked up in 2020. I also spent the early mornings on walks with Annie to beat the heat, and sat by the pool as much as possible. Hello, IL summers.


September was spent getting ready for Halloween, getting to have a styled shoot for my birthday, and going apple picking for the first time. In case you couldn’t tell, fall/Halloween is my favorite time of year. I was blessed to still be able to do most things that I love doing in the fall!


October came and with it came the face paint. Slowly but surely I’m working on my skills. It’s easy but also not easy and fun but also frustrating.

I also got to celebrate one of my best friends going into the Air Force. I’m so, so glad I got to spend so much time with her before she went off to achieve a dream she has had for so long!


Ahhh November. So many tears were shed on November 7th as I got to watch history be made. I got to be a part of that history by casting my vote for equality, love, and hope. November 7th is a day I will never forget. So much joy and relief filled me that day.

In November we also got to finally watch my youngest sister walk across the stage for her college graduation. It’s something she’s worked so hard for and she was pretty excited to be able to finally walk after completing classes in May.


And here we are. It’s December. We made it. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that we all made it through 2020. It went by so f’n fast I feel like it was all a blur but I also feel like it went by so slow. Some months more than others (I’m looking at you, March).

We ended 2020 the same way we started it. With my little sister saying YES (again) to the dress!

But here’s to 2021, a covid vaccine, an end to a chaotic last four years. I learned more about myself in 2020 than I ever thought I would. I laughed a ton but also shed more tears than I would like to admit. I learned the true colors of people but I also realized who was on my side during this year. I’m excited to see what 2021 holds. Let’s hope it’s more toilet paper than 2020 had.

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