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365 Days of Thankful

As we all know, and as I said in my last post, 2020 sucked. It was a year of BS. A lot of days went by last year where I just thought about how shitty things were. I didn’t take the time to be grateful for what I did have. So, in 2021 I have decided to be more mindful about taking a minute just to be thankful for the things and people around me. I decided to make jars of 365 days of thankful for a few people in my family so at the end of 2021 we can get together and read what we were thankful for throughout the year.

It’s a really easy little project to get the year started. All it takes is a couple jars, a pen, and 365 pieces of paper. It’s something simple and cheap that can make such a huge difference for your year.

I bought recycled paper because I felt bad for the paper being wasted. But I guess technically it isn’t being wasted because it’s going towards something good. I don’t know, now I’m overthinking it. ANYWAY, let’s get back to the point of this post.

paper for 365 days of thankful
strips of paper for 365 days of thankful
jar with strips of paper for 365 days of thankful
365 days of thankful

So far I haven’t forgotten to write down something at the end of the day. But we are only on day 3. So, we’ll see if I end up needing to set a reminder on my phone. I’ve been writing the date next to what I am thankful for that day. I am pretty excited to see how things go this year. I can’t wait to look back on 365 things that made me happy throughout the year. So here’s to 2021 and being more mindful of what we have and the things around us. Here’s to 365 days of thankful!

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