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What Becca G Did In March

Since I was gone for so long, I thought maybe I would catch you up on my life. Okay, really just the last month of my life because otherwise we would be here FOREVER and none of us want that.
March was a busy month for me and Annie G. I went to Ohio to celebrate my cousin and her baby and to see some of my favorite fitness influencers at the Arnold Expo. I threw axes and knives with my family and everyone hit the target except me :). Annie and I got to be MODELS for STL Dog Moms. Yep, you read that right, models. If you need us, get ahold of our people.
I also took lots of pictures of Annie for things like the first day of spring and going to The Selfie Room. We also went on lots of adventures including to Fort Belle Fontaine Park, which is supposedly haunted because the first military fort west of the Mississippi was built there and the soldiers haunt the place. We didn’t see any ghosts, that I know of.
Andddddd I added tattoo #11. It was for a good cause. The dogs and cats at Stray Rescue. Epic Ink was having a fundraiser where they drew up a sheet of tattoos that you could choose from and all proceeds (including their tips!) went to Stray Rescue. So I got a donut with dog bones, obviously.

What did you do in March? Anything exciting?! Drop it in the comments below!

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