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Why I Decided to Stop Caring What People Think of Me

Listen, it’s like human nature to worry about what people think of you. You’re always wondering if someone is judging you based off what you’re wearing, or how you look, or your personality, etc. It’s just a thing everyone is concerned about. I was TERRIBLE when it came to worrying about other’s opinions on me. But then one day I just thought “WHY” do I care? And after listening to “Girl Wash Your Face” (a book everyone needs to read/listen to) and hearing Rachel say “other people’s opinion of you is NONE of your business”, I decided I really shouldn’t care.
It was making me literally miserable always worrying about what everyone was going to think. I would say to myself, oh you can’t wear that outfit, or oh you can’t wear your makeup like that, or oh you can’t post that picture, because someone is going to think you’re dumb or look weird or whatever. But I wanted to wear that outfit. I wanted to wear my makeup that way. And I wanted to post that picture. So, I started to. I started wearing what I wanted, regardless of what I thought someone else was going to think. If I thought I looked good, fam, I was going to ROCK it. I started to wear my makeup different ways. I’ve always loved makeup and how people can change their look with some foundation and contour (okay, maybe a little more than just those two things but you get my point) and I had always been interested in learning. So, I started watching YouTube videos and figuring out how to do different looks on my face. I didn’t give AF if someone was going to judge me for having too much makeup on or wearing those fake eyelashes. I wanted to do it, so I was going to do it. I also started posting more on Instagram.
Instagram is a funny place because NO MATTER what you post, how often you do or do not post, or what your caption is there will ALWAYS be someone there to judge you. Hell, even your friends and family will judge you. But screw that. If you want to post, then freaking post. It’s your account, not theirs. There’s a mute or unfollow button for a reason, people. If you think you’re slaying that day and want to take a picture and post it, DO IT. Own it. Instagram is a place for people to be creative and show off their personality, and if your personality is wanting to post on Instagram, go for it friend!
Another thing I get judged HARD on is how much I love my dog. And every time someone says something to me or makes fun of me for it, I just want to ask them what is so bad in their life that they have to judge me and the love I have for my dog. Does it affect them in any way? NOPE. Does it harm them or stop them from doing things they want to do? NOPE. Then why the hell do they care? I have even been told a guy I matched with on Tinder stopped texting me because “I’m too obsessed with my dog”. Brother, get a freaking life. I would understand if I were obsessed with getting wasted every night, or doing drugs all the time, or something that is harmful to me or other people around me, but loving my dog? Really? I just roll my eyes when someone makes a comment about how much I love her. Because I feel bad for those people who don’t get to experience the love a pet brings to them.
Life really is not fun when you go through it constantly concerned about what someone else is thinking about you. If something makes you happy I say go for it. Unless, it’s harming someone or something else. But seriously, let your personality free. There are so many people afraid to be themselves because they’re so nervous about what people think and it makes me sad. No one should feel like their light is being dimmed just because it’s a different color than someone else’s. Ignore the haters because they’re just jealous you’re happy and content with yourself and they’re not. Live your life how you want to live it, and don’t worry about anyone else!

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