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Tips to Become a Morning Person, From Someone Who HATES Mornings

For real though, why do mornings exist? Why are they a thing? Why can’t work start at like noon? Hell, I would even settle for 10am. Maybe. But waking up early has never been my thing. Ever. Waking up after noon, now that’s my thing. I know, I know, I’m an adult and should act like one. But I don’t feel like it, so no thanks.
However, being an adult means having an adult job. And having an adult job means waking up early because work starts way too early. So, I’ve had to learn how to adjust to my new schedule. I’m going to share my tips on getting up early and making it work. And I think they work pretty damn well because again, I’m not a morning person.

  1. Adjust your sleep schedule slowly. If you’ve decided you want to start waking up at 5am instead of 9am, I’m sorry but you’re going to feel extremely exhausted. A little bit ago I decided I wanted to start waking up about a half hour earlier than I have been so I started waking up 10 minutes earlier at first to ease into it. Now that that isn’t too bad, I’ll add another 10 minutes. And so on and so forth. You get the picture.
  2. Stretch in bed. There are plenty of yoga poses you can do in bed as soon as you wake up. Stretching and getting my muscles moving and grooving has really helped with waking up. Annie doesn’t find it too fun, but she’s a dog so oh well.
  3. Drink water. I’ve read different articles on what TYPE of water you should drink when you wake up. Be it warm, hot, cold, ice cold. I don’t know. I personally think it’s whatever works for you. What works for me is room temperature water. I have a water bottle next to my bed and I just take a few chugs out of it. Rehydrating first thing in the morning gets that blood flowing. Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself.
  4. Open the blinds. I have black blinds. Not light canceling ones but pretty darn close. So as SOON as I open my eyes in the morning, BAM those things are pulled open. Getting sunlight in your room is super essential to waking the heck up. And having to get up to do it helps a little, too.
  5. Watch or listen to something you enjoy while you’re getting ready. I personally love putting on videos by some of my favorite YouTubers in the morning. But, if you like to listen to music while you’re getting ready, then go for it! Just having sound around you while you get ready is better than getting ready in silence. Like WTH, don’t do that.
  6. Get a dog. Ha! But really. In the mornings when my alarm goes off Annie will crawl up beside me and wait for me to tell her good morning. AS SOON as I say those two words, she is literally all over me like she hasn’t seen me in ages. It’s adorable. And also helps wake me up. And the fact that I have to get my butt out of bed to take her outside helps. Just getting up and moving and being forced to do something makes it a little easier to get up. But then watching her curl back up in bed doesn’t help. Ya win some, ya lose some I guess.
  7. Make sure everything is ready the night before. Bro, lay out those clothes. That’s not just for little kids anymore. Making sure you know what you’re wearing in the morning, the night before, SAVES SO MUCH TIME. For real though, I used to spend so many minutes trying to figure out what to wear. Now I don’t. Also, make sure your bag is packed and your lunch and breakfast (if you eat breakfast at work) are ready. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Or something like that.
  8. Take a shower. I know some people like taking showers at night to save them time. And that’s totally fine if that’s what you want to do. I prefer it sometimes too so I can sleep in a little more (I know, it messes up the routine but get over it). However, I have noticed that taking a shower in the morning really helps wake me up. I don’t know why. It just does.
  9. Give yourself something to look forward to. Sometimes I’ll get up a little earlier so I can go through Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Sometimes I’ll get up a little earlier to actually put makeup on my face. Those are two things I look forward to. And they help get me up in the morning. So give yourself something that will get you out of yo’ bed!
  10. I know A LOT of articles and people say don’t get on your phone in the morning. But I actually think it’s fine. And I’m a professional, obviously. I like to sit and look at my social media or emails in the morning. I don’t know, it’s what I do. So I say if you wanna do it, then just do it.

What do YOU do in the morning that helps wake you up? Because I’m always looking for more suggestions. Because I’m always tired. So drop those suggestions in the comments below!

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